ABC Analyzer 4.0.0 Released

On December 1st ABC Analyzer 4.0.0 was released. This release marks the end of the name “ABC-tool”.  The 4.0.0 release contains the same fixes as release 3.2.5 of ABC-tool in addition to the new features listed below:

  • The program was renamed from ABC-tool to ABC Analyzer.
  • A new splash screen has been added for your convenience. From here you have easy access to recent files and the creation of new projects along with a news feed from our weblog.
  • Added table sum support. It is now possible to select fields in grids and view the numeric sum of the selected values.
  • Issues regarding the project file format have been addressed. The projects now contain their own state which will be restored upon opening the file. This means that if you are looking at a certain cross table when you save the project you will be looking at it upon opening the project file.
  • A lot of issues regarding application state have been addressed.