Forfatter: Lasse Feldt-Rasmussen

Bad inventory turnover rates – who is responsible?

In this blog post I wish to address the importance of making sure that people who are held responsible have the authority to decide! In most companies, you have a purchase  or logistics manager who is responsible for the inventory performance. These managers are measured on how efficient they run the entire inventory, which makes […]

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“100% customer satisfaction” & “Customer is King”

Statements like these are excellent for marketing but do they help operations? In my experience, they have become part of most retailers’ and wholesalers’ identity. They help to create environments with extreme focus on doing everything possible to satisfy the customers, a behaviour that is causing some problems in operations. At ABC Softwork, I work […]

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Classify before you act – but don’t classify without a purpose!

One of the more common questions we at ABC Softwork get is; what is the correct way to categorize products? We would love nothing more than to give a simple answer to this question, but the fact is that there isn’t just one – there are many. Before we can even begin to discuss how to categorize, five questions need to be answered: What is the […]

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