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“100% customer satisfaction” & “Customer is King”

Statements like these are excellent for marketing but do they help operations? In my experience, they have become part of most retailers’ and wholesalers’ identity. They help to create environments with extreme focus on doing everything possible to satisfy the customers, a behaviour that is causing some problems in operations. At ABC Softwork, I work […]

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Calculated columns using predefined functions

When you create a calculated column in ABC Analyzer (see link), you have a variety of predefined functions at your disposal. You can combine these functions as you like, which makes creating  a complex formula easy. In the usual “Edit Formula” dialog (that you find by clicking “Functions->Add” in the top menu in ABC Analyzer) the […]

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Reduce your inventory – for the benefit of your subcontractors

        Best practice: Bevola A/S has reduced inventory levels dramatically through special agreements with key subcontractors. What is most surprising is that the new agreements are for mutual benefits. Bevola, a Europe-based manufacturing company offering products and solutions for the transport sector, has reduced inventory levels on their most important products (AA […]

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