ABC Softwork wins innovation award

solutions that provide a quick return on investment and do what is actually written on the box.

We believe the jury has selected ABC Softwork due to two key-things:















  • We address a fundamental business problem, the importance of prioritization, with the most innovative and simplistic solution they have seen
  • We are able to showcase amazing customer return on investments

Read more on why ABC Softwork was choosen on Logica’s website

GBS Bindra, Global Innovation Director, Logica sais:

“Our GIVP Program in the third year of its running has helped us identify and partner with new companies with great new technologies ahead of their becoming mainstream technologies. This has not only helped us add value to our clients’ businesses much earlier in the value-chain, but has also recognized the essential role these new companies play in driving real IT innovation and client value. I look forward to the new creative solutions that we and our innovation partners can be brilliant together with.”

Download our award winning GIVP Presentation – with a very interesting perspective, or read the article in Supply Chain Magasinet (in Danish)

To put it in Logica terms:

Dear Logica, customers and co-workers –  let’s continue to be brilliant together.

Thank you for the award!

About Logica: Logica is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000 people across 36 countries.  They deliver business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing across all industries and business functions.