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Widex trims the business before merger

The merger between Danish manufacturing company Widex and Sivantos makes WS Audiology one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids. Leading up to the merger, Widex has focused on completing the Wave strategy, focusing on innovation, growth and profitability. Innovation, growth and profitability For Widex and project manager Stine Skulstad, it was important to […]

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Your goldmine: Supplier negotiation

Supplier agreements are the basis for being able to offer customers lower prices, shorter delivery times and greater flexibility. Therefore, supplier agreements are crucial to a company’s earnings and competitiveness. Read about how Bygma Group uses ABC Cloud in supplier negotiations and about how you can use ABC Cloud to negotiate better agreements with your […]

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Complexity eats your earnings

On the surface, your company is successful. Turnover is growing, more products are being introduced, capacity is being expanded and more customers are being added. You are really busy. So why change anything? Because the secret friend of growth – complexity – eats away large portions of the company’s earnings. Research shows that complexity can […]

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