Convena Distribution A/S: Without goals you cannot score

Convena Distribution A/S is an international distributor of hardware brands such as Lenovo, IBM, Dell, Lexmark, Samsung, etc. 300,000 item numbers divided into six categories and customers in 75 countries mean that overview and transparency are key.

Owner and Procurement Director Peter Garber says: “As we significantly extended our range and acquired a company, a huge amount of item numbers were added. This called for a higher degree of systematisation and structure, and we needed some tools to help us achieve that.”

“In addition, we wanted to be able to see how our financial ratios and KPIs developed over time. Before we started using ABC Cloud, getting an overview of how each item number was performing based on the excel sheets we used involved too much manual work. Today, that would have been an almost impossible task.”

“We can see that ABC Cloud has had a clear and positive effect on the product managers’ key figures. Our work has become much more focused on the exact areas we have established as being important. And it has also helped immensely in creating structure. Now, all product managers are pulling in the same direction. Our product managers are no longer confused by the many new products which we have coming in. For them, the platform has become a kind of base from which they work. It helps save us a lot of time and resources.”


  • Turnover increased by 8%
  • Inventory value reduced by 9%.
  • A management tool with clear KPIs
  • A management tool with much higher transparency in the product portfolio
  • Common language and understanding across the organisation

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