Garbage in, garbage out

There is one thing that ABC Analyzer can’t help you with though. Non-format errors in the data. If the values in the data have somehow been corrupted – there is no mechanical way of identifying it. We often see these types of mistakes in data leaving the IT dep. and they are often very simple mistakes. Like summing the revenue and missing figures from a store/department, summing the transactions and counting (or missing) internal movement, or even missing out whole product groups. These are all honest mistakes that we all make – but be aware that ABC Analyzer does not care whether you include all the data or even if your figures are correct. But it will use the numbers and counts when classifying your items/customers/etc. and the result if this will therefore be incorrect.

Therefore we strongly encourage you to have a high knowledge of your own data. Roughly figures – how much, how often, how many, etc. This enables you to easily spot the mistakes, head back to IT, and make them correct it.