Increase service level to 100 % on your CA-products

Never run out of your always-selling, cheap products. It’s simply not worth it.

Your CA-products are the products in the lower-left corner of the classic ABC matrix.

They are:

  • Sold frequently and in large amounts (They scored an “A” in order lines)
  • Your profit is low (They scored a “C” in turnover)

Besides that:

  • They cost you next to nothing to keep in store
  • Buy these products “too frequently”, and the profit is eaten up by your handling costs
  • Your customers except them to be available, just like you expect your supermarket to have bought enough milk

Stock-outs on these products are highly annoying for your customers – and impressively cheap for you to avoid

Use the KPI tab
Udklip_setKPICreate KPI boards for:

  • Item numbers + no. of back orders
  • Order lines 12 months + %
  • Stock value 12 months + %

In ABC Analyzer it will look like this:


  • Your have 344 CA products
  • 143 back orders
  • They account for 9 % of all order lines, that’s almost every 10th order line!
  • .. and the stock value is less than 2 %

Why annoy customers with stock outs on CA products? You can double their stock value and none of your colleagues will notice it!

Avoid stock out’s in the future

  • Check minimum in your ERP – it might be too low
  • Buy larger quantities, it should cover at least half a year’s consumption

You save the handling costs and your customers are happy!