Three classic errors in ERP data

Use ABC Analyzer to find critical errors in your ERP data.
Many have asked whether ABC Analyzer can be used to quality assure data from ERP systems. The answer is yes. ABC Analyzer can help you to find the critical errors. If your company is new to “Big Data” and hasn’t defined simple data guidelines, your data is most likely flawed.

Classic errors in ERP data:

1) Products with turnover, but no orderlines
2) Products with stock value, but no stocks (or vice versa)
3) Products with inadequate information

  • No delivery time
  • No responsible purchaser
  • No supplier

How to: Detect errors using ABC Analyzer
If you are looking for products with ‘turnover’, but no orderlines, start by setting up data slicers for the two relevant columns.


Select the columns in the pop-up. Press ‘OK’. You now have new data slicers on the right-hand side of ABC Analyzer. Enter your mathematical criteria like this:


In the red circle you will see a drop-down menu. At the moment it is set to show ‘all products where turnover is different to 0’. If you register backorders as negative turnover, choose ‘bigger than 0’ instead.
Now, you can see all product numbers with turnover, but no orderlines! Save this as a report and sort it so the most important products are shown at the top. (For example your AA products.) To speed up the process you can save it as a “Top 10 report” and send a copy to each purchaser containing their personal top 10 products.

Use the same procedure for the two other examples. If you encounter problems, you are always welcome to write to us at suppor t@