Your goldmine: Supplier negotiation

Supplier agreements are the basis for being able to offer customers lower prices, shorter delivery times and greater flexibility. Therefore, supplier agreements are crucial to a company’s earnings and competitiveness.

Read about how Bygma Group uses ABC Cloud in supplier negotiations and about how you can use ABC Cloud to negotiate better agreements with your suppliers.

24 variables in your negotiation

According to Børsen’s management handbook, 70–80% of total costs are attributable to procurement, goods reception, inventory and provisions – all terms which you can influence during negotiation with your supplier.

By looking at your supplier agreement in a broader perspective, where cost is just one of 24 variables, your business can improve liquidity and profitable growth.

ABC Cloud: Your tool for supplier negotiation

With ABC Cloud, you and your supplier can:

  • Create a better overview of, and achieve shared insight into, the range
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs and improve earnings
  • Negotiate better deals where price, service and flexibility are balanced

See how you can use ABC Cloud to analyse your supplier and improve the outcome of your next supplier negotiation in the video right here