ABC Analyzer 4.3.1 Released

Today we have released ABC Analyzer 4.3.1.

This release offers improvements and resolves issues in the software to provide and ensure a stable continued high quality user experience. The update contains a total of 88 resolved issues spanning minor new features and bug fixes. We hope that our users will enjoy this release as much as we do. It is our pleasure to deliver the leading categorization platform.

Here is a summarized list of resolved issues:

  • Certain issues regarding interaction with Excel file formats has been addressed. An installation of Excel/Office 2007 or Office 2007 Data Access Driver is required to successfully read files in Excel format.
  • A copyright notice for all third party libraries has been inserted in to splash.
  • The MyReport view will now remember locked columns when adding data from new reports.
  • The splash screen has been changed.
  • Excel files are now written using a new method. This will ensure the highest possible level of compatibility with current and future versions of Microsoft Office.
  • The timeout period when connecting and retrieving data through ODBC has by default been doubled relative to the system specific setting. A new choice in the user interface will allow connections with no timeout at all. This feature should be used with caution.
  • It is now possible to lock several columns at a time in the report views.
  • The click report view will now remember locked columns when creating new click reports.
  • The filter creation dialog will now sort alphabetically when displaying values from text columns.
  • An issue where a false positive on repeated ID when creating combined ID has been resolved.
  • The “Include negative” choice is now default turned “on” on all relevant views.
  • Values in grid cells are now adjusted in the same way as the default Excel adjustment.
  • Date fields containing “0” will no longer be reported as an error. These will silently be given a default value.
  • The possibility of creating conflicting category names in the custom design has been removed.
  • It is no longer possible to delete columns from the various grids. This feature is removed due to the complications involved in getting the removed columns back into the grid.
  • ABC Project files are now packed correctly to ensure future platform capabilities.
  • A dialog with a “please wait” text has been inserted when loading files.
  • When project files are loaded a dialog box showing progress is now displayed.
  • When templates are loaded a dialog box showing progress is now displayed.
  • When data is updated a dialog box showing progress is now displayed.

A more descriptive post of certain key features and improvements can be found here.