Changes in ABC Analyzer 4.2.0

  • Various errors occurring when opening ABC Project Files and templates (Ref.: 1142, 1146, and 1149).
  • Error occurring during the standard percentage categorization (Ref.: 1145).
  • The issue reporting form now gives the possibility to preview the screen shot for visual confirmation before submitting (Ref.: 1137).

The 4.2.0 release also includes many new features alongside improvements for the vast amount of features already included in previous releases.

  • The dynamic updating feature has been re-made. For now dynamic updating is disabled for datasets below 15,000 items (Ref.: 1084, 1098, and 1099).
  • The Overview tab has had a minor makeover. Single clicking categories will enable/disable then (indicated by a small cross) and double clicking will perform a select-only/select-all based on previous selection. Only clicking the number can now create a Click Report (Ref.: 1077).
  • The license form has now been given the possibility to change and setup connections trough a proxy server (Ref.:  1163).