Create your analytical dream team

Power, analysis and professionalism. Troels Jakobsen’s presentation of his ideas for the “analytical dream team” generated considerable interest at the ABC Breakfast Club. Here’s the PowerPoint recipe!

START-UP AND OPTIMIZATION. If you started without the three necessary profiles or if some of your team members have been replaced, your ABC project may be at risk.  You need far more than a clever number-cruncher to achieve optimization results and create a super-optimized chain.  A project’s overall success depends on the strategist, the project manager, and the analyst.

The Strategist, The Project Manager and The Analyst

The strategist sets the agenda

A powerful visionary leader in close contact with management. The strategist defines the overall goal and sets the course for the optimization project. He or she is often a supply chain manager or director who gives the project its management focus during both the start-up and the operational phases. He or she has overall responsibility and can therefore answer the following questions:

  • What challenges must the project resolve?
  • Who is to develop and run the project?
  • How does the analytical tool fit with the company’s strategy?

Day-to-day project execution is the job of the project manager.

The project manager – the link between management and employees

The project manager’s chief task is to translate visions and ideas into daily actions. He or she is often a procurement manager or strategic purchaser and is in daily contact with the employees who work with the analyses. The project manager has insight into existing processes and can integrate the analyses into the employees’ daily routines. He or she carries out day-to-day follow-up, manages goals and ensures that the project is adapted to the employees’ concrete challenges. Good interpersonal skills and business understanding are a must.

The analyst – a number-cruncher with business flair

The analyst has a good grasp of data and works closely with the project manager to develop the analytical structure. The analyst is your guarantee of correct ABC analyses, a person with a sense of detail and an inquisitive mind who asks questions based on his or her findings. He or she juggles data easily and usually finds several (and other) optimization potentials than originally requested.

Getting started

Are you wondering how to put together the right team or whether you can get more out of your analytical tool if you connect the missing profiles? We are always happy to offer direct, informal feedback on your current setup. Contact us at