Data-Driven Business Development

Valuable insights from ABC Breakfast Club on specific business improvements from Carl Ras A/S and Linak A/S* – a few golden highlights…

Linak and Carl Ras presented their achieved business results based on improved utilization of operation data. They explained that ABC Analyzer is a great tool to exploit the internal valuable though complex data much better than without.

Linak: Linak announced, they achieved great improvements on the service level from 65% to 79% without reducing the total inventory turnover.

By using a dozen of very detailed ABC-profiles, the team at Linak has taken full control of the planning process of the total product portfolio. Every month the profiles are updated and every planner use 1 hour each month to adjust minimums. This little investment is nothing compared to the achieved results on the service level. See the presentation (In Danish)

Carl Ras: Carl Ras has achieved a 25% reduction of inventory and thereby improving the total working capital with the same number of employees.

By using the diversified categories in ABC Analyzer to improve the monthly recalculation of planning data they succeeded to systemize and synchronize the organizations supply chain. Added to this, the team in Carl Ras used ABC Analyzer for Product Portfolio Management by making a restructuring of the product range in close cooperation with the Sales department. See the presentation (In Danish)


Important learning points:

  • Involve employees in the team – ABC Analyzer is not a top-down tool
  • Results are created in close cooperation with the rest of the organization
  • Use clear and simple communication – This is an important task
  • Use ABC Analyzer to prioritize – Most important things first
  • Brush up and improve your ABC Analyzer skills by attending the courses on ABC Academy