Data slicers: Turbo charge your analyses

Do you wish to see your products per:

  • Buyer?
  • Supplier?
  • ..or would you like to see items with less than 5 orderlines?

Data slicers are to be found on the right side of the program. Click on the gear icon and decide which column you want to slice – the example shows a choice of ”Buyer”, ”Orderlines” and ABC categorization”ABC Master.”

Click OK and recieve new controls on the right side.

You can choose to see products from one or more buyers. Choose one or more ABC categories, and limit the numbers of items you are shown, by defining how many orderlines you require.

You can delete or create new data slicers at any time via the gear icon. When you’ve found a segment you want to save, you can do so via a click report and predefined reports.