Do you update your ABC-codes in your ERP every month?

pr. ABC category, allow you and your team to purchase more coordinated and against the same goals by having common purchase principles.

The existing ERP-systems are not the same in regards to configuration as well as specific possibilities and your actual use of them. Therefore you have to consider configuration and update frequency.

We recommend you to update you ABC-codes at least every month. Some of our customers have two ABC-codes (new and old) on the master data, supporting the search for critical trajectories in ERP. Others are using the new ABC-code when recalculating min-max and order sizes. They will look for selected critical trajectories in cross tabulations or customs templates in ABC Analyzer.

Screendump taken from Solar A/S, Presentation at ABC Breakfast Club, November 2010

Please note that with the custom design functionality in ABC Analyzer (ABC-tool version 3.1.4 and onwards) you need multiple-character fields in the ERP Master data – a single-character field for a classic single-ABC-categorization-code is not enough.