Introducing ABC Project files

Project files allow you to save:

  • How to import data – you are now able to refresh when new data becomes available
  • Import settings
  • Filter settings
  • The calculations you made in functions
  • The categorization you created
  • How you had your views set up

With project files, it has also become easier to distribute specific analyses, share information between users of ABC analyzer, and update your analysis with the latest data from your ERP system

Using project files:

Create an ABC project file: With ABC Analyzer and ABC-tool 3.1.0 (and all later versions) you may save your current setup as a project file. Open your current setup and press “save” from the top menu – this will automatically save your file as a project file (see screenshot). You may still export/save  your analysis result in different formats – find the export option “other formats” under “save as”

Open project file: Choose your project file from the intro splash screen in ABC Analyzer or, once the program is opened simply press “Open”, locate your project file or choose it from the list of “Recent files”

Update your project file with the latest data from your ERP system: Once you have created a project file, it’s easy to update your analyses when new data becomes available. Simply open your project file, choose “update project” and locate your data file containing the newest data. The new data will be loaded in your existing set up and you’re now ready to start analyzing.