Using calculated columns in ABC Analyzer

In order to do this, we write the formula in the “Formula” textbox. When we click on the column name “Sales value” in the “Fields” list box, this column name is copied to the “Formula” textbox where the cursor is placed. Note that the column name is surrounded by a pair of closed brackets: [ and ]; these closed brackets have to be there. We type the division symbol by hand and click on the “Stock value” name in the “Fields” list box.

Click “OK” to calculate the new column using the formula. After that, the new column is added to our data set and can be used in ABC Analyzer like any other column. The new column will be of type Number.

Of course, if you prefer, you can write the formula by typing every part of it, i.e., without clicking the field name(s) with the mouse. This can be handy if you want to copy the formula from somewhere else and paste it directly into the “Formula” textbox.