Sanistål: Operational efficiency fuels great results

Kristian Smed, Marketing coordinator of construction at Sanistål, plays a vital role as ABC Analyzer Expert and “information hub” at Sanistål.

Years ago Sanistål realized the importance of great up-to-date analysis. Product Managers and Product Coordinators always have access to  up-to-date analysis and information about their product assortment. It is Kristian’s job to make sure they have the needed analytics and data.  The overall goal is that stock value and product assortment always reflect customers demands. 

New tool for operations: ABC Checklists

A few months back, Kristian and the Product Managers exchanged their traditional “communication tool, Excel” for ABC Checklists – and Kristian is very positive.


Today, I can solve 80 % of my tasks using Checklists. It is fast and efficient.


He continues: “The Product Managers reply far quicker to the new lists, because they are easier to understand than a complicated Excel sheet. Furthermore, Checklists can be accessed while the Product Managers are on-the-go. It is difficult to navigate a large Excel sheet on an iPad while sitting in the airport.”

Efficient communication – cut to the bone

The communication between Kristian and the Product Managers has become smoother and faster. Kristian sends a list to each Product Manager, they evaluate the products on the lists and mark it as “done”. Kristian can continuously keep an eye on the development, through the Checklist Dashboard.

  • Slowmovers / low frequency products -> should they be discontinued from the assortment?
  • Return proposals -> should they be returned to supplier X?
  • New products -> should they be included in the assortment?

The next goal is to kickstart a structured S&OP process with Sales and send Checklists to them. The lists with contain “slowmoving new products” which supply chain recommend Sales to return to suppliers.