Help files and tutorials in English

Working with ABC Analyzer 5
This tutorial will help you to understand the main components of ABC Analyzer by introducing the 6 different tabs, reports, clickreports and dataslicers.  Analyzer 5 – Introduction to the Interface

Is it your first analysis?
Let us help you creating your first analysis – this step-by-step tutorial guides you safely through your first analysis. Create your first analysis 

Problems in importing your own data?
Is it your first time importing data, or do you need help to import your own data to ABC Analyzer, then have a look at this tutorial. Import your own data 

Already knowing the basic?
Do you already know the basic of ABC Analyzer, then it is time to increase your speed. Work effectively with dataslicers and reports

Work smarter – by sharing your best analyses
Even the best analysis will not improve your cash flow if it only stays on your desktop. Learn how to share and create actionable analyses for the ABC Viewer users with this tutorial. Quick guide – create successful templates for ABC Viewer

Understand ABC Viewer
Get an introduction to ABC Viewer or see how you collegues are working in Viewer to make sure your analyses fit their needs better. Welcome to ABC Viewer  

Understanding the principles behind ABC Analyzer
Are ABC categories new for you? Fast track through The principles behind ABC Analyzer and 80/20 Management


Are you facing other difficulties, or did you forget how to …?
We are currently working on documentation and tutorials.. and would love to hear from you. Tell us which difficulties you face, and we will do our best to meet your challenges.