Improved Service Levels and Delivery Performance – Customers Have First Priority

By providing every team member a better foundation for prioritization, the organization has achieved higher responsiveness to variations in the supply chain. The key has been to connect measurements to personal actions.
To succeed the employees need a sound and relevant overview. At the same time, they have seen how a large ownership in the team has ensured greater coordination, more efficient operations and greater satisfaction in the team.

In both successful case stories the use of tools such as ABC Analyzer (categorization and analysis) and ABC Viewer (distribution) has ensured better coupling between analysis and concrete actions in daily life.

An Eyeopener!

Stephan Schuler did a very surprising observation that was an eye opener to everybody in the organization: They connected the ABC product model with data on backorders and it became abundantly clear in ABC Analyzer that over 42% of backorders could be traced back to AA products – the most valuable and important items for their own company and probably also their core customers.

All this  is absolutely valuable inspiration to all companies that are focused on customer satisfaction!


Find more about the companies:

– Abena A/S ( presented by Tender Manager (former PA to CEO) Jane Lautrup Asmussen
– Sanistål A/S ( presented by Supply chain Manager, Stephan Schuler.