Targets – display your goals at the tab KPI

Targets are only displayed at KPI and Overview

  • Targets are not affected by dataslicers
  • Targets can be set up for one, two or several ABC categories
  • Targets can be set up for only the total
  • Targets cannot be used in calculations, they can only communicate goals
  • Set up targets:

    1. Choose “New target” in the menu “Edit”
    2. Choose the column you want to set up a target for: If you want to communicate targets for the stock value, then choose the column in your data containing the stock value.
    3. The layout at the tab KPI follows one of your ABC categorizations. Choose this categorization.
    4.  Enter your goals: It is not necessary to set up targets for each category, just keep “0,00” and click “OK”.

    Set up a KPI board with targets. Choose the column that you have entered targets for and choose “TARGET” in the second dropdown menu.


    Set up the KPI as below: