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Reduce your inventory – for the benefit of your subcontractors

        Best practice: Bevola A/S has reduced inventory levels dramatically through special agreements with key subcontractors. What is most surprising is that the new agreements are for mutual benefits. Bevola, a Europe-based manufacturing company offering products and solutions for the transport sector, has reduced inventory levels on their most important products (AA […]

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Classify before you act – but don’t classify without a purpose!

One of the more common questions we at ABC Softwork get is; what is the correct way to categorize products? We would love nothing more than to give a simple answer to this question, but the fact is that there isn’t just one – there are many. Before we can even begin to discuss how to categorize, five questions need to be answered: What is the […]

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Guidelines for product management

Once you have categorized your products and defined your most (and least) profitable items it is time to apply differentiated mangement policies. But how? Step one is to acknowlegde that each ABC category must be handled differently. Once you have classified all your products using “frequency” (how often an item is picked from your stock) […]

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