A new version of ABC Analyzer is ready!

A new improved version of ABC Analyzer is ready for you. It contains multiple micro-improvements, bug fixes and new features. 

The three most important features are listed below – two of them are created for ABC Experts.

New report type: Static reports

A static report makes it possible to keep track of specific product IDs over time. You can create and save reports based on product IDs. Use the new report type to keep an eye on dead products which you’ve tried to reactivate using campaigns and special offers, or new products which have been on sale.

New tab: SUM

Use the new SUM view to investigate how well your product groups perform compared to each other: Which product group generate most of your turnover? And is it the same product group that accounts for most of your stock value? (above a sneak peak of the new SUM view)

Viewer users can create and use checklists

Many have asked when ABC Checklists become available for ABC Viewer users. Now is the time! The handy sharing feature is now available. Share reports with colleagues using the one-click sharing button in Viewer (and Analyzer) and turn your reports into manageable to-do lists.