How to use ABC Analyzer & ABC Checklists

Create fast, eye-catching results by using ABC Analyzer & Checklists concurrently

A single report created in ABC Analyzer can spawn great results – especially if you share it as a checklist. New to Checklists? Read how it works or contact us to get started:

3 tips for faster results

#1 Getting things done! Use the right tool for the appropriate task

ABC Analyzer helps you create great analysis, find outliers and spot potential in your product portfolio. However, the moment you need someone to act on your analysis, do switch to ABC Checklists. The add-on is created to enable collaboration between you and your colleagues who take action on your lists.

Great results do not occur when you set up large, complex analysis. But rather when you highlight the most urgent matters in short distinct reports. Share the reports with your team, and make them act on it.

The transition from being “100 % analytical” to project leader is not without problems

  • Remember 80/20 – aim for the easy results
  • Make it clear: Who’s resposible? Always assign one person a task, never a group
  • Communication. Explain to all your colleagues, what you expect them to do with the lists
  • Following up on their work- it is crucial for performance (use Dashboard)

# 2  Define easy tasks. Think 80/20

ABC Checklists force you to think in “actions”. Which tasks should your team focus on, and how should they solve it?


The Checklist format will help you to make short actionable lists: One checklist = one task. At Sanistål, they focus on reducing the number of slow movers. The question linked to the checklist is: “Should these products be returned to supplier X?”

Each checklist has 3 possible answers

  • Yes, return these products
  • No, add extra marketing
  • No, we expect it to sell better on its own

The product managers can quickly move the products (max 50 per list) into the category with the correct response and mark the list as “done”. The task will be solved at the speed of light!

# 3 Gain control of your team performance

The problem with sharing ABC reports without using ABC Checklists is the lack of control.

If you use Excel + mail to share, you do not know when or if your colleagues have opened the mail, taken action on their products – or achieved the e-mail as “not important”. With ABC Checklists, you get a dashboard that shows you, if your colleagues have started the task and it highlights when they are done.

Curious to try ABC Analyzer and ABC Checklists together? Contact, we will help you get started