Product assortment: Discover how Carl Ras benefits from ABC Checklists

Jens Peter Jørgensen, product range responsible, uses ABC Checklists in his daily work with three product managers. He expects to on board more of his colleagues. He sends checklists directly from ABC Analyzer to each product manager, asking for their approval: These products are doing well; may we introduce them in more of our shops?  

The product managers click through the lists and assess Jens Peter’s proposal: Should the product be part of the large product range available in all shops, the medium product range or the narrow product range?

“First time I received a checklist, I finished it so quickly that I went into Jens Peter’s office to ask if I had solved it in the right way … and I had,” says Jakob Andersen, Product Manager at Carl Ras.

Product assortment must reflect customer needs
“Our prime task is to keep the right products on the shelves in all our shops – whatever shop size. I use ABC Analyzer when I asses our product range. If a product begins to sell badly, we remove it from the small shops. If it continues, we remove it from the medium-sized shops before it finally ends up at our main warehouse.

The same applies when a new product or a new range takes off – we do a roll-out one stage at a time and see whether sales continue to grow, and if so we continue the roll-out,” says Jens Peter, an expert ABC Analyzer-user.

“We did pretty much the same in Excel before, but the product managers seldom responded. I think they just think it’s easier in ABC Checklists.”

Instant feedback: Now I know if the product managers are on it
With ABC Checklists, Jens Peter can see how far each product manager is with his lists – and, if they have (or have not) started at all. “It eases the cooperation. Before, when I sent the lists in Excel, I never knew how far they had come, or if they gave other tasks greater priority,” says Jens Peter. “Now we can talk about it.”

Facts about ABC Checklists
ABC Checklists is a distribution tool which enables tracking. Use it to quickly share reports from ABC Analyzer and monitor progress. ABC Checklists replaces traditional sharing of reports via Excel lists and email.

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